Travel Thrifting

Why is it local business travel guides always feature retail shopping but never thrift shops? Beats me. Some of the best souvenirs I’ve ever purchased have been thrift store treasures.

Travel Thrifting Can Mean Collegiate Gear for Less

travel thriftyIn town to visit your alma mater (or your child’s possible future alma mater)? You can leave the $50 sweatshirts in the bookstore and score plenty of great school gear for only $5-10.

Find what you need without taking a travel budget hit

One correspondent notes she packed everything for a weekend in the mountains except a coat. Rather than spend $200 retail, she found a fantastic down coat at a local Goodwill for under $15, one she loves and wears to this day.

Arrive at the cabin and find you need a giant pot for your family dinner? Try a local thrift store before shelling out for high-priced kitchenware goods at the lake-side grocer.

Breathtaking Scenery — Not Bills

Other great finds — for pennies on the dollar — include sports equipment like basketballs, tennis rackets and roller blades, and even rods & reels. You’ll need to stop by a sporting outfitter for helmets or life jackets for many adventures, but hitting the thrift store first will lower you bill to a less breathtaking total.

Thrifting is Green — Green in your pocket and good for the Earth

One of the biggest complaints we hear about souvenirs is “overpriced” — thankfully, thrift store shopping takes care of that problem. It also can ensure that your find is unique, never mind the extremely sound pluses of less costly as well as more green.

If you’re ready to take a thrifty tour of the New River Valley of Virginia, enjoy these spots:

Don’t leave these “off the beaten path” sellers out of your shopping stops, especially if you’re looking for souvenirs and books directly tied to your destination:

  • Montgomery Museum, 300 South Pepper Street, Christiansburg
  • Upscale Attic Consignment, 308 Arbor Drive Unit B, Christiansburg
  • Designer Consigner, 3155 North Franklin Street, Christiansburg
  • Antiques on Main, 4 West Main, Christiansburg
  • The Cambria Emporium, 596 Depot Street, Christiansburg