What’s Cool About The New River

Beat the Heat on The New River

It’s summer and it’s hot. We all know that. So where do you go to cool off? The New River of course!

The aerial video below of the New River starts at New River Junction and is a breathtaking glide downstream. If you’re not there in real life, this video will give you a real sense of nature’s bountiful beauty of this mountain treasure.

beat the heat on the new riverTubing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, camping, picnicking or just chillin’– there are so many ways to enjoy the summer and beat the heat on the river. Which is your favorite way to cool off?


Some Facts about The New River

  • The “New” (as it is referred to by us locals) is close to 320 miles long and begins its flow in Ashe County, North Carolina.
  • This river flows through Virginia into West Virginia where it becomes a tributary of the Kanawha River.
  • Considered one of the oldest rivers in the world, the New River is estimated by some to be 360 million years old.
  • The flow of this river is uncommon. Only a few rivers in the world flow from south to north. The New River and the Nile are two of them.

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Aerial Video of New River Junction tubing and falls, Blacksburg, Virginia. Published on YouTube June 30, 2016.